“Here at Owens Pottery we think of ourselves as the most traditional hand made pottery shop in America.”

“Our clay is local and processed here at our shop.  The clay mills have been used since the early 1900’s.”

“All glaze formulas are original and formulated at our shop.  By making the glaze here we are able to control our colors and keep a family tradition alive.”

“We currently have two full-time people,  me (Boyd) and my sister Nancy, working here.  Everybody else is part-time.

I’m responsible for grinding and mixing all the clay, and formulating & mixing all glaze.  Basically, I get all the real physical work.  Plus, I turn all the plates,  pie plates, utensil holders, trays, and most of the flat pieces.

Nancy Owens Brewer has a wide variety of  items she provides for the shop, and her ability to turn production dinnerware is second to none!  She turns  mugs, casseroles & lids, lotion pumps, piggy banks, honey pots, applebakers, canister sets, custard cups, coasters, trivets, pie plates, tumblers, and all pieces with handles.

Jody Owens helps with the clay grinding & mixing, face jugs, candy dishes, and helps with  loading/unloading of kilns.



Terri Holt  turns items that don’t need to look alike.  She makes the one of kind pieces;  butter dish & lids, colanders, flower pots, candy dishes, fan vases, bottles, jeanie jars, centerpieces, rose vases, Christmas trees and ornaments.


Patrick Rowe is our large pottery maker.  He specializes in Rebecca pitchers, three handle vases, any large size item we need, teapots and stackable bowls.



M.L. Owens 1917 – 2003